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Get Your Shit Together Freshman

 “Get your life together Jo!” A girl on my Rugby Team tells me this a lot, sometimes exchanging the word “life” for “shit.” Which, If I am being honest, isn’t always that much different. However, this morning a freshman girl in my 8 a.m. class, who thought I was a senior, asked me how I always look so put together that early in the morning. She obviously hasn’t seen my car, or my closet, or the…

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Our moans blended together, theirs of pleasure and mine of pain.

Our moans blended together, theirs of pleasure and mine of pain.

I was never scared of the dark and scary movies didn’t give me nightmares. Monsters weren’t real; they weren’t hiding under my bed or in my closet. I was lucky enough to be such an ignorant child. I didn’t realize that monsters are real. I didn’t realize that I could be prey. I didn’t realize that predators come in all shapes and sizes. We don’t always know where to look, in the closet and under…

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5 Things I Wish I Knew In High School

5 Things I Wish I Knew In High School

My new YouTube Crush, Anna Akana, did a video a couple months ago about things she wished she’d known in high school. I just went shopping with my best friend’s little sister for her back to school clothes and it made me realize how much things have changed. I don’t have a first day of school outfit for college. I seriously haven’t packed one box and I am supposed to move back to college in three…

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I’ve got two hands and one beating heart.

I’ve got two hands and one beating heart.

broken heart

All the broken hearts in the world still beat. Lets not make it harder than it has to be.
-Ingrid Michaelson, Girls Chase Boys

I feel like Ingrid Michaelson is on to some serious shit. Even though it doesn’t feel like it, that broken heart of yours is still beating. Life keeps going and things do eventually get better.

I have had this post sitting in my drafts for almost a month. I would write a…

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Goats Milk and Cheese!

Goats Milk and Cheese!


 People like to call me a hippie because I like to walk out to my garden and gather suplies for dinner and now I like to walk to my fridge and pull out a pitcher of goats milk and a plate full of cheese and know where it came from.

  Goats Cheese| JONAI am pretty bummed because we have officially stopped milking our goat, Nanny, for the awhile. I am going to miss everything that raw goats milk had to offer. At…

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Calling All Lush Lovers!

Calling All Lush Lovers!


I need your help! I have dipped my toes in with Lush a couple times, but with my online shopping obsession and weekly pay checks from my full time job, I kind of just dove in the other day. I didn’t go too crazy, mainly because I am afraid to spend that much money on products I know nothing about and I still got a tuition to pay for.

I would love to try so many more products, but I don’t know…

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I’m The Rag Doll, Not The Barbie.

I’m The Rag Doll, Not The Barbie.


Don’t worry. This is not a pity party post.
I have never been that super skinny girl with the blonde hair, perfect teeth, and flawless skin who boys just drooled over. I wouldn’t consider myself an Ugly Betty either, but sometimes it felt like it. Especially when surrounded by Barbie after Barbie. My best friend is a Barbie. Textbook bikini body, perfect symmetrical features, blonde hair (although…

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